Thursday, 24 January 2013

DIY Detox Facial

Hello lovelies!
Every now and then, I like to treat myself to a "Detoxifying Facial", firstly, because it makes my skin feel and look great, and secondly it makes foundation and make up in general glide on and create a smooth "canvas" to work on. These are the steps I take for my detox facial. I alternate between using a scrub and mask as I don't find I need to use both in one facial, but if you want to use both, feel free to do so! You can add in your own steps if you want. I'm not stopping you! 

First I like to start off by removing my make up and then massaging coconut oil all over my face. (You can use any oil that is suitable for your skin, i.e. Almond oil, olive oil, grape seed oil). Not only does this step feel nice and relaxing, but it removes any tiny bits of make up remaining on your skin and adds an extra bit of moisture. The great thing about coconut oil is that it can be used for different things. Some of which being a moisturizer for dryer skin types, lip balm, face mask (mix with a bit of manuka honey and leave on for about 15 minutes then wash off), bath soak, body lotion....As you can see, there are multiple uses for this oil.
After I've rubbed this into my skin for a few minutes, I then grab a hot towel and wipe the oil off.

The next step is to cleanse the skin. Using your facial cleanser, massage this into your skin in a circular motion and then wash off with the hot towel from before. Before you do the next step, you may want to steam your face for a few minutes by filling the sink with hot water and lean over the sink with a towel over your head to trap in the steam. You can also add lemon to the water to further draw out any impurities. If your skin is sensitive, you can add either a green or chamomile tea bag to soothe the skin.

Mud masks are extremely good for detoxifying the skin as they work deep down and bring any impurities to the surface. Masks targeted at reducing pores tingle a little when applied to the skin, but don't worry! It's supposed to do that! (Though if it is really burning and causing a lot of irritation, remove the mask immediately and follow up with a cool, damp cloth). Apply your chosen mask and leave for however long the tube states, (usually no longer than 15 mins). Use a damp cloth to remove. Rinse out the cloth and repeat to make sure all product is gone.

As I mentioned before, If I am using a mask, I don't use a scrub and vice versa. I do this to avoid irritation. When I do scrub my skin however, I usually use the Clarisonic cleansing brush. I just find that this is easier that a manual scrub, which means having to wash away all the scrubbing particles. I gently scrub for about 1 minute or 2. Sometimes if I have more time on my hands, I will use a manual scrub. My favourite is the Apricot Scrub by St. Ives.

Then I finish off with a moisturizer or skin oil. I tend to use the oil in the winter when my skin is more dry and in need of moisture. If I choose to use any serums, I apply them now. And there you have it! A clean, fresh face! Hurrah!

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  1. Need to try using olive oil for my skin tonight!

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