Friday, 7 December 2012


You may or may not know this, but I love trying out different makeup brushes and I am constantly on the look out for cheaper alternatives to brand name brushes.
I had been doing a bit of Ebay shopping when I came across these makeup brushes. They are by a brand called Oblique (I would link a website but there doesn't seem to be one). From the picture on Ebay, they appeared to be quite dense and well made, and for $13.99 plus free shipping, I didn't have much to lose.
Firstly I would like to apologise about the state of these brushes. I had just used them that morning hence the foundation and powder coated bristles! I use the flat top brush for my powder and I alternate between the other two for my foundation. I LOVE the finish these brushes create. My foundation turns out so smooth because these brushes really help blend the foundation into my skin. They actually remind me a lot of the Real Techniques Brushes because they are so dense and they don't leave bristles all over your face, making it look like you are growing facial hair (hmm fetching right?)

Just to show how dense these brushes are, I took a picture of the bristles (though I'm not sure if it really does justice to the density...) Again, I apologise for not cleaning the brush before I took the picture, but, hey ho! At least you know I really am using them!
I'm not sure why, but this picture of the brush reminds me of a little hedgehog! But to clarify, these brushes are WAAAAAYYY softer than a hedgehog!

The only downside to these brushes is the size. I was expecting them to be of a substantial size (*ahem*) but they turned out to be quite small. Despite being smaller than expected, they work very well. These would be great brushes for your travel makeup bag as they don't take up too much space.

I would HIGHLY recommend these brushes as they are inexpensive but are very good quality.

On an unrelated note (I sound like the boss off the Hennimore sketch on That Mitchell and Webb Look) the nail polish that I am wearing in the photo above is called Raspberry by Barry M, which I have written a blog post on here!

Have you tried any of the Oblique brushes? What do you think of them?


  1. I really want to try the brushes! I love my real techniques brushes but I would still like to try some other one :) I am literally so excited about trying these, they look fantastic xx

  2. I know right! I keep hearining "real techniques do this" "real techniques do that". The sigma ones are so much better! I use the F80 for liquid foundation and it is flawless, and like you said they are sooooo soft! I know you have to ship these to the UK but they are amazing and so worth it!

  3. i wonder if you still like these brushes? did they start to shed? i'm planning on ordering them
    would appreciate it if you answer :)

    1. I do still really like them, however they occasionally shed (when I say occasionally I do only mean they sometimes shed one or two bristles). They are really good brushes considering they are only $14. I would definitely recommend them.

      Albertine x


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