Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hello Again And Barry M

Hellooooo! You may have noticed that I haven't been posting on this blog for a while, and the reason being is that I had my NCEA exams to focus on. During that time though, I had been jotting down ideas for blog posts and videos.

Recently I had been doing a bit of Ebay shopping, (who doesn't love a bit o' online shopping?) One of the things I bought was a nail polish by a brand called Barry M. This brand isn't available in NZ, but I had heard a lot about it from other bloggers which of course made me wanna check it out!
The colour I bought is called Raspberry, which is a lovely deep, berry red colour which can be layered to create a darker shade of the colour. I find about 2-3 coats of this creates an even finish.

The only downside to this nail polish is that it chips quite easily without a topcoat. Other than that, it's a gorgeous colour and I think it would suit most skin colours. I would link the Ebay seller that I bought this off, but being Ebay, the link probably won't be valid for long.

Have you tried anything from Barry M? What do you think of their products?


  1. oooo! this colour is so nice! do you think you could email me what ebay seller you got it from??
    glad to see your back!


  2. I love Barry M! I have a post about one of their nail polishes on my blog too!
    Do you know what colour this one is that you're wearing m'love? I think I'm falling for those dark berry colours here that we're experiencing in England this Autumn! Lovely post!
    Georgia x

    1. I mentioned in the post that it is called Raspberry :) Oooh! Lucky you! I love Autumn! xx


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