Thursday, 16 August 2012

Review • Nourish

Radiance Purifying Cleanser $19.30*
Brightening Moisturiser $29*
Argan Skin Rescue $36.80*

For about a 2 weeks I have been trialing some skincare products I was sent by NourishChristiana, who was the lovely person who got in touch with me, asked what skin type I have, so she could send me products accordingly. I have Normal/Combination skin as I have fairly clear skin, but I occasionally get oily skin on my nose and forehead.
I was sent the Nourish Radiance Brightening Moisturiser, Purifying Cleanser and the Nourish Treatment Argan Skin Rescue. When I first opened the box containing these products, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. The box was filled with pink tissue paper to match the pink on the products. I thought this was a nice little touch.
The first product I tried was the Purifying Cleanser. On the packaging, it said to "Apply a small amount of cleanser to cotton wool and gently sweep over the face. Rinse with cool water and pat dry". Initially I thought this was a little odd for a cleanser as I would usually rinse my face first and then massage the cleanser over my skin and then rinse off. I tried this, first using my usual method, which didn't really work as the product did not lather up like other cleansers. The next night, I tried the suggested method. This was much more successful. It is more like a makeup remover rather than a cleanser. It removed my makeup very well, and it smelt really nice, (a sort of fresh, rose scent).

The next product I used was the Argan Skin Rescue, which is a skin oil containing essential fatty acids, omega-6 and vitamin E. Now, I'm not usually one to use oil on my face as I've never really felt the need to, but recently the dryness I get around the sides of my nose had gotten pretty bad with the cold, winter weather, so I caved in and gave it a go. I found I actually really like this product. I don't use it all the time, but when I do, I apply a small amount (this stuff goes a long way) around my nose and by the morning, the redness and dry skin is gone (thanks to the anti-inflammatory ginger extract!). I also find my foundation goes on a lot smoother around my nose after using this. 

The final product I tried was the Brightening Moisturiser which contains Alpine Foxberry and a unique bio-extract of the South American Tonkan Bean.This moisturiser really does what it says. After using this, morning and night, for 2 weeks my skin is already looking much brighter and my complexion is more even. This also absorbs really quickly so it doesn't feel greasy at all. 

I am really impressed with the Nourish Skincare brand. I would definitely recommend it as they cater for all skin types with all their different ranges. 

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