Saturday, 11 August 2012

I Have Found Love! (In the form of a hair product)


I know what you're thinking. No, I wasn't captured by a bunch of beauty blogger loving monkeys! I have just been ridiculously busy with doing Ball makeup for some people as well as staying on top of homework! Sorry I have been neglecting this blog for a bit! I am trying to post as regularly as I can! 
Now, apologies aside, I have a product I want to talk about (don't I always?)

The other day I received an email from the lovely Belinda asking if I would like to try out the new Toni & Guy Glamour Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse, of course I said yes! Who doesn't love trying out new products?! A few days later, a package arrived on my door step. 

Glamour Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse $15.99*

As you can probably tell from both this post my other post about the Herbal Essences hair mousse, I have really gotten into using hair products. I never used to be a person who obsessed about their hair all that much, (I still wouldn't say I'm one of those people), But I've found that hair mousse works really well with my hair which is prone to frizzing up at random times. This particular mousse is said to "enhance shine and boost body at the roots". I don't personally use this mousse all throughout my hair as I find my hair gets the most frizzy at the ends, so I can't say all that much about whether or not it does "boost body at the roots" as they say. I can however say that it adds a really natural looking shine to my hair. 

How I use:

After washing my hair, I towel dry my hair and then use my fingers to gently comb through any tangles. I then squirt a small amount of product onto my hands and distribute evenly throughout the ends of my hair. Then I blow dry until mostly dry, scrunching as I go. I then twist random sections of my hair and blow dry these bits to create slight waves. And then I style my hair accordingly. 

I am always picky when it comes to a hair care product scent as it remains on the hair throughout the day which can be awful if you do not like the smell. This product however smells lovely! I can't quite work out what it smells like, I just know I really enjoy it. So much so, that when I have it in my hair, I have to refrain from sniffing my hair like a loony. 
When I first used this, I got lots of compliments from people at school saying my hair smelt nice! It's reassuring to know you smell good! ha!

If you are looking for a really good hair mousse, I would definitely recommend checking this product out. It is also fairly cheap for a product of such high quality. 

Have you tried any of the products from the Toni & Guy Glamour range? What did you think of the products?


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