Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review | Travalo

As some of you may know, I am always on the scout for new innovations in the make up and beauty industry. One day I came across Travalo, a device that allows you to take your perfume with you anywhere you go. I was intrigued! I can honestly say that this is an excellent product. The Travalo is a portable perfume bottle in which you can pump your favourite perfume into. 

Travalo refillable Perfume atomizer $25*

It is very simple to use as it requires only 3 simple steps.

1. Place your chosen perfume on a flat surface.

2.Pull the spray cap off you perfume bottle. (Don't worry, It won't ruin the lid. It can be easily clicked back on afterwards).

3.Line up the bottom of the Travalo with the perfume spray "tube", and pump the device up and down. You can see the Travalo filling up with perfume through the little window on the side.

This device is super handy as it can be taken anywhere in your bag or purse. It is relatively small measuring only 86mm and it has a full sized spray. It can also be taken on planes because it is make of aircraft grade aluminium.  
I would definitely recommend this device as it is great for taking anywhere and the bottle won't break, and you can buy them in different colours so you can match them with your outfits! 

You can purchase Travalos from the Travalo website or from various pharmacies around the world.

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