Sunday, 24 June 2012


from left to right: Ohh la la, Diva, Chili, Morange.

If you know me quite well, you would know that I LOVE to wear lipstick, and that I have quite a collection forming. I thought I would pick out a few of my favourites to share with you all. Can you guess what my favourite brand is? I just LOVE MAC lipsticks as they come in a wide range of colours and finishes. I also really like the packaging as I think it looks sleek and elegant. MAC lipsticks also smell really nice! (Yes, I am one of those weird people who has to like the smell of the cosmetic before I buy it!) As you can see from the picture, I also have one Topshop lipstick. My dad picked a few things up for me when he went to the UK for a meeting, this being one of the items. I saw this particular colour on the Topshop website and thought "Oooooh! Pretty!!!!!" as I oggled at the screen for a few minutes, I decided I HAD to buy it. Fortunately, my dad was about to leave in a few days! 

Chili: This lipstick by MAC is the perfect brick-red colour. It suits most skin tones and is quite a retro looking red. I really like this lipstick also, because it is matte. I find that glossy reds don't look quite right on me. If you are just starting out with lipsticks and you want a good red, then try out this.

Diva: This lipstick is a really lovely dark purple-red colour, also a matte finish. I LOVE darker lipsticks as they give off quite a grunge feel to any outfit you wear. This can also be patted onto the lips along with some lip balm to create a sheer, berry colour. This looks very pretty as a summer alternative to this lip colour. 

Morange: This was the very first MAC lipstick I purchased. I remember seeing this colour featured on a youtube video about orange lips and winged eyeliner. This lipstick has an amplified finish, so it is a lot creamier and sheer than the other finishes, however, I tend to blot my lips after applying this to make it appear slightly more matte.

Ohh La La:  This pink lipstick by Topshop is a very versatile colour as it can be worn in a few different ways. It can be applied as is to create a bright, almost neon pink, or it can be blotted to mute down the brightness a bit. It can even just be patted onto the lips to give a hint of colour. Whichever way it is applied, it's a very pretty colour.   

I hope I haven't bored you too much with my rambling about lipsticks. Is there any other cosmetics you would like me to do a favourites post on? Comment below to let me know. What are your favourite lipsticks? Any I should add to my collection? Not that I really need any more! 


  1. My favourite is MAC Impassioned! Love that colour x

    1. I will definitely have to check that colour out next time I go! x

  2. Hi, the packaging of the topshop lipstick is so pretty, makes me want to buy it :) hahah
    I discovered your blog from the Liebster Blog Award.
    I decided to follow you to support my fellow blogger. Hope you will do the same for me :)


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