Sunday, 17 June 2012

Beth Ditto | MAC

Hi lovelies! Just recently my mum linked me to a You Tube video featuring the singer Beth Ditto. It was a video promoting her latest collection at MAC. After watching the video, I immediately searched up her collection on the MAC website. I've never really been super excited/amazed about a particular collection before, but I can safely say I LOVE this collection! Beth's collection consists of a variety of bright, colourful shades, which are both slightly unusual but wearable. I would LOVE to try some of the lipsticks as well as the peach nail varnish. 

Do you own any pieces from this collection? Which is your favourite? 


  1. Stunning colours!

  2. The makeup on the girl is so awesome!!

    1. It is! "The girl" is Beth Ditto btw :) xx


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