Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Florence and the machine concert!!!

Hello all!

I thought I would update you about the Florence and the machine concert I went to with a few of my mates on Monday night! It was AMAZING! I still can't believe I actually saw Florence Welch LIVE! Hearing her and seeing her for real was so overwhelming! She looked beautiful (as usual) and her voice was perfect! My friends and I arrived at Vector Arena around about 6.45pm. Not many people were actually in the arena when we got there. After a while, the seats filled up and hundreds piled into the "mosh pit".
The opening act was Blood Orange. Check out one of his songs here!
Below are some pictures from the night...

Sneaky Facebook check before we leave

We felt it was necessary to pose like this...

Now prepare for extremely pixilated photos....

Picture at the top here



  1. Nice pictures!! You look very pretty!! xx

  2. i abosolutley love Florence and the machine! You and your friend look lovely btw :)


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