Friday, 23 March 2012

REVIEW: Garnier & Maybelline

Hello lovely readers! It's been a while since I have done a review so I thought I would do some today!

Garnier Fructics fortifying shampoo and conditioner:
I really like these two products! They left my hair fresh and clean and smelling great! It didn’t leave any sticky residue either which was a major plus. I would definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner!

Garnier pure 3 in 1:
I absolutely love this product! It is a scrub, a face mask and a wash all in one. I use it on the days where my skin feels oily and in need of attention. It noticeably brightens and clears the skin and gently exfoliates. A great product!

Maybelline mini colorama nail polish:
The colours I received were an amazing shimmery orange and a bright yellow. Unfortunately the formula was very thin and it took about 4-5 coats to make the colour completely opaque. If the nail polish was slightly thicker, I would definitely purchase more!

Maybelline Baby Lips balm:
What can I say? Possibly the best lip balm I have ever owned. It lasts for a long time on the lips and soothes chapped and dry lips. The only problem I experience with this balm was that after a while the twisty bit at the base of the stick, came loose and twists the lip balm up and down while it’s in my pocket. Other than that, I would recommend this product!

Garnier B.B. cream:
Unfortunately the B.B cream I was sent was a little too dark for my skin tone despite it being the lightest shade. I tried this product out anyway, to see how it worked. The texture is much like a tinted moisturiser and the coverage is about the same. It has a lovely smell as well! I think this B.B. cream would work best on those who already have a fairly clear complexion as it isn’t a very high coverage cream. If Garnier were to make more colour range I would definitely consider purchasing!

Maybelline Lots of lashes mascara:
I LOVE this mascara! It creates the appearance of fake eyelashes without being clumpy and spidery. The thing I really enjoy about this mascara is the mascara wand. The wand itself is smaller at one end which really helps to reach the inner and outer lashes. A waterproof version of this mascara would also be great!  

(Disclaimer: I was very kindly sent these products to review but that in no way changes my opinions. I am as honest as always! xx)

Albertine x 


  1. Hi!

    So I was wondering, I've tried contacting both maybelline and garnier to see if they would send us products to review, and maybelline only has a contact phone number, and I can't find any sort of contact on the nz garnier site.
    How did you contact them?? Please help! Also, how did you make your lovely rose petal banner/title?? What program did you use??

    Many Thanks,


    1. Hi Olivia, Thanks for commenting!

      My mum's friend works for the company that owns Garnier and Maybelline and she kindly offered to send me some products to review, so I'm sorry I can't help with contact deatils.
      As for my blog banner, I used a program called Photoscape :) xx

  2. Hi Albertine,

    Thank you. That now saves me time searching for contact details :)
    Sorry for the questions, my friend and I are knew to the blogging thing...
    I love your blog! I saw the link through 247 Girl and now I check your blog often. I'm just hooked. Keep up the great work :)

    -Olivia xx

    1. Glad to have helped! Thank-you so much! I'm pleased you like my blog! :) xx


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