Sunday, 5 February 2012

Review | Nellie Tier

Today I am going to review 3 Nellie Tier products. A lip balm, A scent and a hand cream.
This lipbalm is my favourite of the products I was sent. It smells lovely and the texture is silky smooth. This is great if your lips are really chapped.

This hand cream is really nice. It smells great and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on hands.It is also really moisturising  The scent of the one that I was given is may Chang and Mandarin. Once you rub this into your hands, it smells like you have just peeled an orange! The scent is lovely! Again, I would definitely recommend this.
The scent I received was ylang ylang and bergamot. It smells alright (bit too overpowering for me), but I think this scent might work more in winter. It's a really handy size and design. The scent has a little roll on ball on top (much like a roll on deodorant). This would be great for taking in handbags and generally on the go. I am keen to try some of the other scents in the range as they look promising!

Check out the Nellie Tier range at

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! 

Albertine x


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